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Our #InsideDA series consists of a relaxed bi-weekly conversation with the staff of Digital Abundance, sharing their thoughts, experiences, and vibes. Our interviews feature their interests and passions behind the scenes.

Please tell us more about yourself, Miracle?

Hi! My name is Miracle Diemoudeke, I’m a brand designer here at Digital abundance.

Tell us an unpopular opinion?


Gbam!...Please tell me, what do you enjoy most about working at DA?

What I enjoy most about DA is the people at DA, everyone is friendly and warm, we look out for each other, basically like a family… makes the job fun.

How best would you describe the relationship with your colleagues?

Like I said before, we are like a family here at DA, so everyone is friends with everyone, from the Management down to the staff, we joke and play while getting the job done.

So what is the most exciting project for you at DA?

One of the exciting project I’ve worked on would be the DABAkids rebranding project, it was fun to work on. Another one would be the DABA Merch website design, it was my first attempt and it’s so humbling to see my work live and solving a problem.

What’s a day in your life at DA like?  (Walk us through your day to day at DA)My typical day at DA is attend Product team Standups by 9;30am, after which I get ready to dive into the day’s work. I usually would work on Presentation designs and sometimes social media designs for DA subsidiaries.

How does your job contribute to the DA vision? 

As a brand designer I act as a Quality control for DA in terms of the visual identity of the brand. I make sure that all visual assets are used in the correct way so as to maintain brand consistency across board

Lastly, Miracle, how has this role added to you as a person?

I usually love working alone, I still do (lol) but my role here at DA has taught me how to work within a team, it also exposed me to industry standard collaboration tools and I’m really grateful for that.

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