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Our #InsideDA series consists of a relaxed bi-weekly conversation with the staff of Digital Abundance, sharing their thoughts, experiences, and vibes. Our interviews feature their interests and passions behind the scenes.

Please tell us more about yourself, Ejiro!

Hi! My name is Ejiro, a presenter at Digital Abundance. I handle DABA media presentations, advertisements, and voiceovers. I am an Ambivert but I’m working on being more outgoing, the nature of my job calls for it..

Tell us an unpopular opinion?

Alcohol doesn't make you say stuff you didn’t want to say, the stuff was already in your mind.

Gbam!...Please tell me, what do you enjoy most about working at DA?

Presenting and creating trouble for my colleagues, lol

(Laughs) How best would you describe the relationship with your colleagues?

Fun and Interesting.

So what is the most exciting project for you at DA?

Creating content and casting the Tech news every week.  You can catch up on the previous episodes of Tech News on our Youtube channel- Daba TV.

What’s a day in your life at DA like?  (Walk us through your day to day at DA)

It’s pretty interesting...I get to work early to beat my face, glam by yours truly✌(myself), then prepare to anchor a program.Right after that, I work with my team members on any other content they’ll be needing from me.

How does your job contribute to the DA vision?

DABA being an Edutech company is also much involved in sharing information on Technology stories and talks. Therefore, my role is to help the company achieve this vision. As a presenter, I source the right information to put out to our viewers and deliver it in the most engaging way possible.

Lastly, Ejiro, how has this role added to you as a person?

This role has made me more confident in my speech and delivery.

Thank you so much EJ, it was a pleasure speaking with you.

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